August 14, 2012

14일 8월 2012년★

That's the real me. 
I've haven't been uploading any picture of me for a long time.
Try to be myself.
That's what I want. :)

I never thought I could get that marks for my addmaths, maths, science and account.
Escpecially for my account you know.
I always have no confidence in my account so that's why I get so low marks in the mid year exam.
But actually this monthly I can get better.
I shouldn't have wrong such a terrible things as the questions are all exactly same as the workbook we had done.
One of the subject I love the most is Additional maths.
Actually is not that difficult you'd think.
You need to try to love it!
Do more practice.
I always say it : Practice makes perfect. :)
I was shocked when I saw my marks. 
Thanks to all my teachers and friends who teaches me a lot. :)
Thank you so so much. 

By the way, 
other from studying all those subjects, 
I fall in love reading mythologies especially Greek mythologies.
I love that since I read a novel. 
I often spending my time reading novels.
Even though in class sometimes. 
Hehe. x)

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  1. That's nice to spend time for read novel! help you improve your English !! ^^