August 14, 2012

14일 8월 2012년★

That's the real me. 
I've haven't been uploading any picture of me for a long time.
Try to be myself.
That's what I want. :)

I never thought I could get that marks for my addmaths, maths, science and account.
Escpecially for my account you know.
I always have no confidence in my account so that's why I get so low marks in the mid year exam.
But actually this monthly I can get better.
I shouldn't have wrong such a terrible things as the questions are all exactly same as the workbook we had done.
One of the subject I love the most is Additional maths.
Actually is not that difficult you'd think.
You need to try to love it!
Do more practice.
I always say it : Practice makes perfect. :)
I was shocked when I saw my marks. 
Thanks to all my teachers and friends who teaches me a lot. :)
Thank you so so much. 

By the way, 
other from studying all those subjects, 
I fall in love reading mythologies especially Greek mythologies.
I love that since I read a novel. 
I often spending my time reading novels.
Even though in class sometimes. 
Hehe. x)

July 28, 2012

28일 7월 2012년 ★

Hey Guys! I'm back!
How's everyone? :)
My heart was pounding.
It makes me nervous.
Addicted on watching animation. 
Even though it is not real,
but I really really love to watch rather than dramas. :3
And I found some novel that I love to read very much 
At last I know what I want to read.
I love the story.
It was so interesting.
Starting loving to read books. :)

Smile always.
Think positive.
Face every problem.
Although life is tough,that's your life. :)
You're gonna face it. 

July 8, 2012

7일 7월 2012년 ★

Does really friends can last forever?
At first I thought it is.
It is?
I'm afraid of having you
When the day comes,
I'll be very hurt because of you.
You didn't think of that do you?
To tell the truth,
Am I important to you?
I'm really curious about it.

I'm stupid.
Everything I had done is for you.
Since that day,
I couldn't do that anymore.
I always try to fit your time.
But you know what,
It seems like you wanted to pushed me away.
All I want is to make you happy.
I trusted you so much.

One day,
I'll be the one who wouldn't need your help again.
I'm not the one who always sit right next to you anymore. :3

[Don't ask me anythings when you saw this post and Don't ask others when you saw this post. I don't want anythings happened again. Thank you :33]
Keep it secretly when U saw this post. 
Shhhh... (=^_^=)

July 6, 2012

6일 7월 2012년 ★

Hi everyone!
Its been a long time I didn't update my blog. 
Busy busy busy. 
I'm so happy!
Our Suju members had release 6th album !!
It's awesome, fantastic and fabulous! X3
I love them very much 
I wish to go their concert again. :3

Recently, I'm watching an animation drama. 
I love it so so much!
'Colourcloud Palace'
One of my favourite dramas.

Okay, I'm not sure what am I writing. 
I'm still confuse about that things recently.
To tell the truth, 
I'm angry about it.
Everything you do is just for yourself
I'm so stupid.
And now..
I'm not going to that anymore. :3

May 6, 2012

6일 5월 2012년 ★

오늘 기분.. 진짜 모르겠다.. :3
Are you having a good day today everyone? :)
Exam is on Wednesday..
But I still haven't finish study yet. >o<

I can't do it any more I guess. :)
I feel so hopeless now.
My heart and even though my mind was so empty. :3
What shall I do now? :)
I guess I'm having a little problem with myself
I've something that I always wanted to change.
I don't like suffer this kind of problems.
I always try to deceive myself that you're not the kind of person.
Just said not, not and not. 
Try to hide everything
But now.. 
I need to try my best to face this.

I guess I wanna get a job for my pocket money.
Since that day,
I don't wanna talk to you anymore.
But not that type of job you're thinking.
Hehe.. :)

Obviously, I can't trust your words. 
Every word you said was not the same.
You are really a good liar I guess. :)
I'm not saying you, don't admit yourself. X3
Silent makes you be better.
Rather be a bad person and not wanna explain everything.
The more you explain, the more wrong you elaborate.
Silent really makes you feel better.
Shhhh.. :)

I need to stand on one's own legs.
I need to do that.
I feel so sorry that I always need their help.
I must try it myself. 
Be strong! :)

April 20, 2012

20일 4월 2012년 ★

Time seemed to crawl.
It's spring now.
The flowers are blooming.
They are so beautiful!
I love it so much. <3
I wonder what's the weather now in Korea.
Just wanna go there again! 

Still remember this picture.
Hahaha! XD

Guess who's this? X3
What a cute boy he is. <3
I like him so much!
His voice was amazing!
아~~ 빠진 것같아.. ㅋㅋ
He's famous now! 

April 8, 2012

2012년 4월 8일 ★

Seriously, I wanted to have a own camera so much. 
I love to take scenery especially winter! 
My favorite season is winter. :3
Talk about winter,
I wanted to go for travel during winter season.
 Just imagine having White Christmas with a boyfriend. X3
How romantic it is.
 Just kidding. x) 
I wanted to have a White Christmas with my best friends. 
This is what I want. :3

SKIP :)) 

I was so touched by one of my overseas friend.
 She made a short film for us. 
It's too good to have a friend like her. :3
They're the best even though they're so far from me. :3
I really love them. 
This is what I wanted to have.
A friend who care, love and willing to help you whenever you are. :)

I wanted to be independent.
I'll really try my best to do it.
Not to rely on anyone. 
Sounds lonely isn't? lol
But it's alright.
I can do it!
 할 수 있어요! :3
Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself.
I feel so sorry on them. 
I always try not to do that but it always came.

I'm thinking of having a cat. 
Although I'm a little afraid of them,
but they're really adorable!
Having a dog is not a bad idea too! 
Golden retriever is still my favorite dog!
I wanted to have one of them when I can afford to buy one. :3